Do Not Trust Federal Judges or
Court Appointed Attorneys!

The New York Times
"the judges on the federal appeals court there have
repeatedly accused each other of
lying and underhanded conduct in important cases"

This is an example of the underhanded conduct and
violations of
"Federal Rules of Civil Procedures" and
Due Process by Federal Judges!

(It's bad enough defending myself against lying attorneys, but
as a student I had to defend myself against
corrupt, lying Judges as well)

Federal Court Appointed Attorney:

-The Attorney Refused To Defend Me and;
-The Attorney Worked For The Opposing Party's Business Partner!

(American University of Antigua(AUA) was the opposing party and,
St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital and Trinity Health is
AUA's business partner!)

The Federal Court appointed attorney,
Leigh C. Taggart Esq.,
Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC

To demonstrate the corruption
by the Federal Court
I'll go through the events chronologically....

1. December 22nd Hearing
Federal Judge recommended I file a motion for a
Court Appointed Attorney(pro bono) to help me with Discover Issues
Hearing Transcript (click here)

2. December 27th
I file "Motion for Pro Bono Attorney Assistance" (Dkt. 85, click here)

3. January 5th
The Court Files "ORDER conditionally granting 85 Motion for
Pro Bono Attorney Assistance."
(Dkt. 89, click here)
"This matter is before the Court on defendant's motion for pro bono attorney assistance. (Dkt. 85) The motion is conditionally GRANTED, and the Court will endeavor to obtain pro bono counsel for plaintiff within the next 90 days."

(I was the "defendant" not "plaintiff"
I filed Dkt. 91(Dkt. 91, click here) to correct Dkt. 89
The Court corrected their error in Dkt. 90 (Dkt. 90, click here)

4. January 11th
Dkt. 94 (Dkt. 94, click here)
"DISCOVERY, All discovery shall be completed by: APRIL 11"

5. July 14th
Dkt. 161 (Dkt. 161, click here)
The "90" due date for an attorney would be around April 5th.
Discovery closed April 11th.
The Court appoints Mr. Taggart about 94 days after
the Discovery cut-off date, April 11th and
about 100 days after Counsel was Ordered...

6. July 21st
I file Dkt 162 (Dkt. 162, click here)
"RESPONSE to 161 Order"
"Reassignment of Counsel that does not have business interests with Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital and American University of Antigua or partners/employees of such organizations would be more fair and unbiased."

Mr. Taggart sent me the following email:
Mr. Taggart's email demonstrates
he had no intensions of defending me and
that we had a meeting (questioning me) about the case.

"I also want to confirm something that we told you in
our meeting today."

"You previously had litigation against St. Joe's and Trinity Health Care in
Oakland County Circuit Court and in the Michigan Court of Appeals.
Our firm represents Trinity in trademark matters and
we cannot and will not do anything adverse to their legal interests."

Email from Mr. Taggart (click here)

These are just some of the claims I was defending!

The claims I was defending directly related
"St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital and Trinity Health"

-"AUA falsifies its students' grades. "
(While attending Clinical Rotations at
Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital)

-"AUA colluded with St. Joseph Hospital to maliciously end[Woodward's] career."

-"AUA committed perjury"
(Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital doctor's testimony during the
"Oakland County Circuit Court and in the Michigan Court of Appeals" case.)
Court Orders on AUA claims (click here)

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
Rule 30, Depositions by Oral Examination

(1) Duration.
Unless otherwise stipulated or ordered by the court,
a deposition is limited to 1 day of 7 hours."

I was deposed on three separate occasions!
The first deposition was on February 1st,
the second deposition was on March 24th.

Mr. Taggart's email shows I questioned (i.e. deposed) a third time by him!
"I also want to confirm something that
we told you in our meeting today."

Supporting Documentation

1. Lawsuit
Woodward v. American University of Antigua College of Medicine,
St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, and Trinity Health-Michigan
Summons and Complaint (click here)

2. Clinical Clerkship Affiliation Agreement
American University of Antigua College of Medicine and
St. Joseph Mercy-Oakland, Trinity Health
Affiliation Agreement (click here)