Did American University of Antigua disclose your private student records?
Private student records were disclosed by AUA
during Clinical Rotations at
Trinity Health, St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital
Pontiac, Michigan

Check these files for your name, USMLE, and GPA Scores!

This is the original file that contained
private AUA student records!

Step 1. Download and open the AUA PowerPoint File!

Download AUA's PowerPont here!

Step 2. Go to page 13 of the Powerpoint.

This page is an AUA chart showing USMLE Step I Pass/Fail Rates!

3. Select and "Right Click" the chart,
4. Select "Chart Object" , "Open"
5. Search for your name on the different pages of the spreadsheet
(i.e. Tabs: Worksheet, AUA, Transfer)

This is the spreadsheet

Student Names, USMLE, and GPA Scores
released by St Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital,
AUA College of Medicine, and
Trinity Health!

AUA's own chart proves AUA lied on their website!

AUA claimed:

"Since AUA's inception, USMLE Step 1 first-time pass rates for all students is 80.6%"

According to AUA's own data
AUA also lied to the Federal Courts!

AUA told the courts:

"The passage rate is approximately 80 percent or better"

The USMLE Step 1 Pass Rate for AUA students
is only about
43.7% using the "AUA" tab!

If your student records were disclosed
by American University of Antigua
you might be interested in the following information!

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
20 USC 1232g


FERPA: Students have the right...
-Inspect and review education records within 45 days of a request
-Seek to amend education records believed to be inaccurate;
-Consent to the disclosure of personally identifiable information from education records, except as specified by law.

Carla B. Johnson
Department of Education
Institutional Improvement Specialist

Kathleen S. Tighe
Department of Education
Inspector General

American University of Antigua Student Handbook


"The University adheres to the mandates of the United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act(FERPA):
1. The student has the right to inspect and review his educational record within
45 days of the University's receiving a written request for access."

AUA Medical School Student Handbook, page 25

AUA claimed I committed Tortious Interference for exposing AUA's disclosure of private student records
AUA admitting to a contract concerning student records.

Tortious Interference
In an intentional interference claim, the burden is on the plaintiff to prove the elements of the claim rather than on the defendant to prove that its acts were justified.
To prevail on the claim, plaintiff must prove four elements:

(1) that a valid contract existed,
(2) that defendant had knowledge of the contract,
(3) that defendant acted intentionally and improperly, and
(4) that plaintiff was injured by the defendant's actions.

American University of Antigua admits to the following:

AUA Medical School FERPA Claims!

COUNT III-Willful Violation of FERPA (page 9)
(1) Published private educational information about other students including names and grades,
(2) academic records are otherwise private and are protected from public disclosure under federal law, and
(3) disclosure has an immediate and obvious impact on the affected students, and

Signed, under oath, by Neal Simon, President of American University of Antigua(page 12)

Federal Case Law Supporting University/Student Contractual Obligations

Ross v. Creighton University, 957 F.2d 410-Court of Appeals 7th Cir. 1992
basic legal relation between a student and a private university or college is contractual in nature.
The catalogues, bulletins, circulars, and regulations of the institution made available to the matriculant become a part of the contract

Doherty v. Southern College of Optometry. 862 F.2d 570, 577, (6th Cir.1988).
"Catalogs, manuals, handbooks, bulletins, circulars and regulations of a university
may help define this contractual relationship. Ross, 957 F.2d at 416."

Mangla v. Brown Univ. 135 F.3d 80.83(1st Cir. 1998)
"contracts contain an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing"

Atria v. Vanderbilt University, 142 Fed.Appx. 246 (2005)
provisions may be enforced in Tenessee if it creates an implied contract.
See Givens v. Mullikin ex rel. Estate of McElwaney, 75 S.W.3d 383, 405 (Tenn.2002).
This court, applying Tennessee's law, has stated that
the student-university relationship is contractual in nature although courts have rejected a rigid application of the contract law in this area.

Mangla v. Brown Univ. 135 F.3d 80.83(1st Cir. 1998)
contracts contain an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing"

American University of Antigua received Sallie Mae/Nellie Mae loans
during the time these private student records were disclosed.

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