Federal judges lied about the sexual assault of a student
to protect the university!

The university tried to use the courts to cover-up crimes
against students and crimes on

American University of Antigua
another corrupt
Wall Street Corporation

AUA Student Sexually Assaulted!

I published the following news article about the
sexual assault of an AUA student.

(Copy of original article)
(The Sexual Assault of an AUA Student)

AUA Student Sexually Assaulted!
(Original news article, source: Antigua Sun Ltd)

Jeffers, 22, on 17 May, 2008, about 3a.m.,
stopped a medical student at the American University of Antigua(AUA),
while she was on her way home.

Reports are the victim slowed down her vehicle in the
vicinity of the Lion's Club when Jeffers jumped into her vehicle and
told her to give him a ride.

Jeffers directed the medical student to an area near a vacant lot
where not too many houses were.

She pulled over to the side of the road and stopped her vehicle, at which time
Jeffers virtually pulled the lever of her car seat and jumped on top of her,
He put his hands over her eyes and started to squeeze into her eyes with his fingers.
Jeffers took off his clothes and threatened to kill the woman if she screamed.

The young woman got a hold of the vehicle's cigarette lighter and
tried to burn Jeffers with it.

He, however, managed to knock it from her hand.
Jeffers then placed his penis in the woman's face and told her to engage in oral sex.

The victim pulled away her head, at which time the convicted man
pulled off her blouse and panties.

He held her down and as he was about to rape her,
a security pickup with a number of police officers drove up.
Upon seeing the lawmen, Jeffers ran from the vehicle and the area naked.

What's worse?
The American University of Antigua filing a Federal lawsuit
against a student for publishing a news article
about the sexual assault of an AUA student.
(Case 2:10-cv-10978-PJD-MJH)
Federal judges lying in Court Orders to protect AUA's reputation about
the sexual assault of an AUA student;
and lying about a medical student, from the United States,
for publishing a news article about the sexual assault of a fellow student?

This is a copy of the cover page of the website
(Note: This is the only exhibit AUA provided to support their claim!)

(Copy of the original website cover page)

The website clearly states:
"AUA student sexually assaulted!"

Under Oath, Neal Simon, President and General Counsel for AUA, claimed I defamed AUA by stating:
"AUA students are sexually assaulted"

(Copy of AUA claims)
(Copy of Oath declared by Neal Simon, AUA)

The following is from the transcripts of the first hearing before Federal Judge Patrick J. Duggan, "The Court" and
AUA's attorney "Mr. Buikema"

The Court: Let's go, for example, to small "h":"AUA students are sexually assaulted."
is that a false statement?

Mr. Buikema: In and of itself, an AUA student was apparently assaulted.
The connotation of AUA students being sexually assaulted, in the tense, is a false statement.

The Court: In the what?

Mr. Buikema: In the tense utilized or represented by the website is a false statement.

The Court: I'm missing what you're talking about, "Tense".

Mr. Buikema: The statement in the website connotes a general practice or happening as if "All students" or generally students are sexually assaulted at AUA.

The Court: That's the spin you put on it. But the statement itself is true, "AUA students are sexually assaulted" have they?

Mr. Buikema: An AUA studnet was sexaully assaulted.

AUA's claim was based on "Tense"!
-AUA's Only Exhibit:  
"AUA student sexually assaulted!"
Neal Simon, AUA, and Mr Buikema claimed: "AUA students are sexually assaulted"
Neal Simon and AUA either
Lied under oath
Neal Simon, AUA, and Mr. Buikema are so ignorant they can't read and
don't know the difference between a singular or plural statement!

Judge Duggan knew AUA was lying, proven by his statement:
"That's the spin you put on it. But the statement itself is true"

(Copy of Court Transcript)

Judge Duggan and the other judges of the 6th Circuit Appellate Court lied in Court Orders to protect Neal Simon, Mr. Buikema, and AUA!

Court Orders read:
"Woodward no longer states on his website that
"AUA students are sexually assaulted"
(see Request for Admissions No. 22(emphasis added)); instead, he asserts:
"AUA student sexually Assaulted"
See http://aua-med.com. Woodward presents evidence to show that this is a true statement.

(Copy of Court Order)

AUA's own testimony and the ONLY Exhibit, the cover page from www.aua-med.com, proves I never stated
"AUA students are sexually assaulted"

There is NO evidence I stated that more than one student was sexually assaulted!
I posted a news article!

Why would Federal Judges lie in Court Orders?

I filed documents with the Court claiming AUA committed PERJURY!

I filed Docket#16 "Request For Dismissal For On Grounds Of Perjury"

(Copy of Docket# 16)


I filed Counter Claims, Docket# 193, which included "Perjury"
The Courts denied all my claims against AUA!

(Copy of Docket Report)

Penalty For Perjury Includes:
18 U.S.C. 1621 and 18 U.S.C. 1623

(a) Whoever under oath
(or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury
as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code)
in any proceeding before or ancillary to any court or grand jury of the United States
knowingly makes any false material declaration or makes or uses any other information,
including any book, paper, document, record, recording, or other material,
knowing the same to contain any false material declaration,
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

[Radecki v. Glaxosmithkline, No. 09-3901-cv US Court of Appeals, Second Cir. 2010]
"dismiss with prejudice as a sanction for perjury, As the Supreme Court has stated,
false testimony in a formal proceeding is intolerable and therefore
perjury should be severely sanctioned in appropriate cases"

The Courts Orders enjoined me from stating:
"AUA committed perjury"

These judges are not only corrupt liars,
they are vile and heinous!

"The Clery Act"
20 U.S.C. 1092(f)
According to Federal Law a school/university will report:

(I) murder;
(II) sex offenses, forcible or nonforcible;
(III) robbery;
(IV) aggravated assault;
(V) burglary;
(VI) motor vehicle theft;
(VII) manslaughter;
(VIII) arson;
(These are just a small portion of the guidelines under "The Clery Act"!)

Protection of Student Speech
and Association Rights

20 U.S.C. 1011a

(a) Protection of rights
(1) It is the sense of Congress that no student attending an institution of higher education
on a full- or part-time basis should,
on the basis of participation in protected speech or protected association,
be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of,
or be subjected to discrimination or official sanction
under any education program, activity, or division of the institution
directly or indirectly receiving financial assistance under this chapter
and part C of subchapter I of chapter 34 of title 42,
whether or not such program, activity, or division is sponsored or
officially sanctioned by the institution.

(2) It is the sense of Congress that
(A) the diversity of institutions and educational missions is one of the key strengths of American higher education;
(B) individual institutions of higher education have different missions and each institution should design its academic program in accordance with its educational goals;
(C) an institution of higher education should facilitate the free and open exchange of ideas;
(D) students should not be intimidated, harassed, discouraged from speaking out, or discriminated against;
(E) students should be treated equally and fairly; and
(F) nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to modify, change, or infringe upon any constitutionally protected religious liberty, freedom, expression, or association.

The American University of Antigua sued me for:

-Posting a copy of a news article about the sexual assault of an AUA student!
-Posting copies of news articles about crime on Antigua!
-Exposing AUA's disclosure of private student records i.e. USMLE Scores and GPAs'!
-Exposing the fact that AUA teaches wrong information!
-Exposing AUA's low USMLE pass rate!
-Exposing the fact that AUA agents are liars, and etc!

Federal judges are so corrupt their Court Orders enjoined me from saying
"AUA conspires to commit fraud and violations of civil rights"

What about the Civil Rights of "Free Speech" guaranteed in both 20 U.S.C. 1011a and the
First Amendment of the United States Constitution?

There is a plague of corruption in schools/universities and courts in the United States concerning crimes against students!

-"Kids for Cash"
Judges profitted by denying Due Process and wrongfully imprisoning approximately 3,000 students to the judge's corporate owned detention center!

-Jeanne Clery
Jeanne Clery was a 19-year-old freshman at Lehigh University.
Jeanne was raped and murdered in her campus residence hall.
Lehigh was covering-up violent crimes on campus!
-Eastern Michigan University cover-up
E.M.U. was fined $357,500 for failing to warn the campus of a student's assault and death!
-Penn. State University sex abuse scandal.
Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing several young boys over several years, including incidents on campus.